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Cloud-Base, Reliable, Secure, High Return!
Enjoy Staking with ADAgogo1.

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Why choose ADAgogo1

Benefits of ADAgogo1 Stake Pool


0% Pool margin

and Minimum cost.

We will not change pool margin until the end of 2022.


Google Internet Data Center (IDC) provides world-class security.

Also, SPO follows the Stake Pool Operator guidlines.

Pool Uptime

Google IDC's backup power, IT professionals, maintenance exports provide the best conditions for 24/7 operation.

Maximize your profits with ADAgogo1 that guaranteed Maximum Uptime

Powerful Networking Capabilities

Google IDC's robust and powerful networking makes stable connection between the Stake Pools.

Powerful network makes ADAgogo1 never misses Block.


15.2k Pledge isn't a huge amount, but it's not a small amount at this point either.

A pledge represents the Operator's will to operate the stake pool with SPO's best efforts.

For More Decentralization

Please delegate to a single pool for more decentralization of Cardano.

Decentralization is an essential prerequisite for the sustainable growth of Cardano and maintaining a robust network.

Stake Pool Operator

Making The World
Work Better For All


My name is Jinwon Choi,

Professional electrical engineer,
Experienced maintenance professionals with over 20 years of experience,

I live in Korea with my wife and 3 daughters and work for a construction equipment company.

I visited Africa about 25 years ago,

and since then I have been interested underdeveloped countries in Africa.

I agree that Cardano aims to be a blockchain platform for people in underdeveloped countries .

I wish success of Cardano for the sustainable growth of the global village.

I believe in the future of Cardano and hope to see how Cardano changes it!